Almeda Fire Relief

by Eric Strong  |  September 16, 2020 Almeda Fire Relief

We are all mourning the loss and destruction that has struck the Rogue Valley. All of us at Full Circle are working to support our community during this incredibly difficult time.

Many of our clients and families have asked us where to direct relief money. We have compiled a list of organizations here that we feel will provide direct relief to those in need. There are certainly many other organizations that exist and are worthy of support but we thought we would help you by narrowing down the list a bit.

Thank you in advance for supporting our community. It will be a long road back but with the support of people like you, we will make it.

  • United Way of Jackson County: United Way has set up a mid to long term fire relief fund. This fund is to focus on recovery and rebuilding our community after the fires are out.
  • Rogue Credit Union:  This is our local credit union and a great community bank. They have a matching fund campaign going on right now, so your dollars will go a bit farther.
  • Phoenix-Talent School District: The estimate is that 50% of the families in this district have lost their home. One of the elementary schools in the district is actually estimating 80% for their school. Contribute to a fund to help their families by sending a check to: Phoenix-Talent Fire Relief Fund, PO Box 937, Medford, OR 97501 (Payable to: Jackson County School District #4). Or you can send a donation via PayPal @AllanaDrossos, or Venmo @Allana-Drossos, and put “Phoenix Talent Fire Relief Fund” as the subject. 100% of these funds will go directly to the families.
  • Unete Center for Farm Worker Advocacy:  Unete supports our farm worker and immigrant communities and are another upstanding local group that will identify and pass funds on directly on to those in need. They have started a specific fund for fire relief.
  • Maslow Project: Maslow project has been in our valley for 15 years, serving homeless youth by providing wrap around services. They have a deep network around the valley and are well set up to meet the needs of those displaced by the fires.