COVID 19: Full Circle Real Estate CARES

by Colin Mullane  |  April 06, 2020 COVID 19: Full Circle Real Estate CARES

In these unprecedented times, Full Circle Real Estate wants you to know how we are conducting business in the best interest of our clients and brokers.

First of all, we want to reinforce that we are Realtors. We specialize in real estate so we will always defer to the medical experts and CDC for advice on how to be safe. That being said, the risk is always present as new information and best practices become available by the hour.

Many of our clients still need to realize their real estate goals during this time and Full Circle is making every effort to conduct our business in the safest manner possible. We are utilizing social distancing protocols and using technology wherever possible to minimize physical contact. All of our clients will have different sensitivities to the ongoing pandemic and we ask each of you to determine for yourself what protocols fit for you and your safety in addition to those discussed here.


We are asking all of our buyers to drive by any properties they have interest in, where possible, of course, and without trespassing or intruding on someone’s privacy. We will work to obtain video or virtual tours of the property as well. If there is still interest, we will work towards a physical showing.

Prior to any physical showing, buyers must be pre-approved with a lender or clearly establish their ability to write an offer for purchase. This is becoming an increasingly common request from listing agents and clearly demonstrates the level of sincerity for the showing under the current circumstances. We also require that we meet our clients at the home so we can drive separately and ask that you help us observe the six-foot social distancing order at all times. Additionally, only two people at a time will be allowed in the home during showings.

Increasingly buyers are being asked to fill out questionnaires related to personal health conditions that may be required prior to showings. In such circumstances, buyers will have to sign them before being able to view the property (see Sellers section below for Full Circle’s thoughts on this).


We are asking our sellers, wherever possible, not to be present during showings and will limit only two people at a time inside your home. We will make every effort to have buyers not to touch surfaces or open doors, etc. Prior to showings, sellers should leave

lights on and doors open where possible/practical. While we will take as many precautions as possible, we cannot ensure that a surface has not been touched and we ask that you behave accordingly upon returning home.

Additionally, we are recommending, if at all possible, that our clients list their property when the home is vacant. We understand this isn’t always an option but it is the ideal scenario.

Finally, some brokers are asking for buyers to fill out COVID-19 specific health questionnaires prior to showings. We at Full Circle do not require such a questionnaire for showing any FCRE listed property. We have decided this because we already know that this virus is contagious prior to an individual presenting or feeling any of the symptoms. We believe we should be operating under the assumption that everyone may have the virus; therefore, filling out such a form may create a false sense of security. We encourage our sellers to follow the previously discussed precautions regardless of who enters their home.


At Full Circle Real Estate, we all love what we do. We love going the extra mile for our clients. We are still a full-service company going above and beyond while working within the constraints listed above in the interest of the health of our clients and brokers.

We would like to reiterate that we want you to feel comfortable with selling or buying a property during this time. The decision is ultimately yours and we understand if this point in time doesn’t feel like the best moment to sell or buy a home. We are also open to discussing any other precautions you would like to take in addition to what we have laid out here. We look forward to this all being over and getting back to normal. In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding and we look forward to working with you.