First-time buyers and some great reminders

by Ryan Lamanna  |  July 15, 2019 First-time buyers and some great reminders

I recently had the pleasure of working with Brian and Laura, two awesome first-time buyers in Ashland. It was so satisfying to work with such great clients and it reminded me of how rewarding my job is. It also reminded of what it’s like to be a first-time buyer and how important it is to not only find my clients the perfect home but also to educate them about the process along the way. There can be a lot of uncertainty and confusion when buying a home and here are a few of the insights I’d love to remind all buyers about, whether it is their first purchase or their fifteenth.

  1. I met Brian and Laura while hosting an open house for a home listed by another agent at Full Circle. Brian and Laura weren’t represented by a broker and wondered if the listing was mine, meaning that I would be representing the seller. I told them that I didn’t represent the seller even though it was listed by our office. I told them that I do not believe in representing both sides of a transaction as there can be a conflict of interest. I know agents who can walk this line successfully; however, it is my practice not to represent both sides to avoid any potential conflict. Brian and Laura hired me on the spot.
  2. We set up an appointment to view other homes in Ashland for that week and Brian and Laura asked me how much I charged to show property. It’s important for buyers to understand how a broker representing a buyer is compensated. I typically do not charge to show properties. Rather, most often brokers are paid when the transaction closes and it is typically paid from a commission that the seller pays. That means my buyers do not pay any portion of my commission. I offer this advice because some buyers could be deterred from entering the market place because they think they need to pay someone simply to view homes. That’s definitely not the case and I’ve shown some buyers many, many homes over the course of many months, only to be compensated when they find the home that is just right for them.
  3. The most important reminder to all buyers, aside from the nuts and bolts of a transaction, is to find a broker they can trust. You should never feel pressured into putting in an offer on a home and a great broker will never make you feel that way. It’s important that a broker is transparent, listens to your needs and guides you at your pace. One of the most rewarding moments of my real estate career was a text from Brian that said, “It’s kind of amazing that we met you by chance just 3 days ago, we built massive trust in you after only a short time.” That’s really what it’s all about for me and a reminder of the importance to take the time to develop trust in order to have the confidence to move forward.

After a long escrow, Brian and Laura got the house they fell in love with only a few months before. Even after buying the house, I continue to work with Brian and Laura, as there’s no finish line to home-ownership and I’m grateful to have such wonderful clients like them.