Time to Reflect

by Colin Mullane  |  May 22, 2020 Time to Reflect

While there have been and continue to be many challenges during these extraordinary times, we have also been focusing on some of the positives. The main one is that we live in such an amazing place.  As we hear about Shakespeare and the Britt Festivals cancelling entire seasons along with so many other events we look forward to attending during the summer months, it is easy to feel disheartened. While these events have become important institutions to our area, both economically and as part of our distinct identity in Southern Oregon, they do not define us.

Life has slowed down for many of us, allowing us a chance to breathe and reflect. It’s great to see so many people out walking, biking, running, enjoying this beautiful valley. Gardens are looking better than ever and there seem to be more folks sitting in chairs outside their homes just watching life go by.

As we write this in mid-May, there is still so much of our year left. Perhaps, as conditions improve and if it is safe to do so, we can get out and about even more in our Valley. Invite our friends and families to visit, perhaps staying at local hotels and B&B’s, maybe enjoying a meal at one of the amazing restaurants in our valley. Enjoy a glass of wine at one of our ever increasing and amazing wineries, almost all with exceptional views!

When we think of all the amazing things we can do in the Rogue Valley, it really is special. Pristine rivers, lakes and mountains are the backdrop to our playground. We live in a place others can only dream of. This time has been precious in so many ways. So while we all look forward to getting back to normal, take a moment to embrace what we have right now and where we get to enjoy it all. One thing is certain, the word “Home” means more than ever before.