Welcome Ryan Lamanna

by Eric Strong  |  February 07, 2019 Welcome Ryan Lamanna

We’re so excited to welcome Ryan Lamanna to our crew of amazing brokers.  We’ve always been about quality over quantity here at Full Circle and Ryan is quality. You can learn more about him through this link to his bio or you can check it out right here:

Shouldn’t every office office have its very own Renaissance man? Fortunately for us, Ryan fills that role with his natural curiosity and willingness to give almost anything a try. As a kid growing up in Torrington, CT, baseball was on his mind and he dreamed of playing for the Yankees, his favorite team. Since replacing Derek Jeter at shortstop wasn’t very realistic, Ryan had to re-calibrate his goals. He found his way to Arlington, VA where he earned a degree in business administration (specialty in accounting) at Marymount University and enjoyed exploring Washington DC. After stops in NYC and CT as a paralegal, Ryan decided it was time to head west. First, in true Renaissance fashion, he and his wife walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain. This experience fed his need for reflection and love of meeting new people. After their trek, they landed in Ashland where he worked at SOU as a grants accountant. In his “free time,” he thought he’d get his real estate license as it was a path to blending his analytical skills along with his desire to connect with people. He follows the real estate market closely and relies on numbers to guide his clients in helping them find the right home. Even though Ryan has found his perfect blend of work in real estate, he continues to stretch his mind and looks for new ways to learn. He loves traveling and exploring the trails of our region with his wife and two golden retrievers, Willow and Shasta. He’s also an avid bowler with a perfect game under his belt. As if that’s not enough, he’s even learning French just to be sure he doesn’t lose his Renaissance man status around the office.